Every day a client of ours, or a potential client of Physio123, asks a different question. Therefore, we've decided that it would be to the best of our client's benefits to have a list of some of the questions that we are asked the most. However, if you do not find the answer to your question outlined below, please feel free to contact us at any time via office@physio123.co.nz or our enquiry form.

Physio123 FAQs

General questions

How many referrals can I expect each month?

The amount of referrals that you will receive each month will depend on a variety of things from the chosen package offered by Physio123 to the location of your clinic and the extent of the services that your clinic provides. From our vast experience, our clients have seen immediate results in the amount of referrals that they receive. In addition, once your website is fully established on the World Wide Web, which can take a couple of months, you will see a larger increase in your monthly referrals.

I've decided on a package, but how do I pay Physio123?

We take pride in ensuring that our website is completely safe and secure for all types of functions including payments; thus, our website is our preferred payment method. You can pay with a major credit card or debit card via our site. If you are unable to pay via our preferred method of payment, an alternative method of payment can be arranged when requested.

I'm happy with my current website but want a better ranking in the search engines. Can Physio123 help?

Absolutely. Physio123 offers a variety of services apart from web designing including search engine optimisation - just check out our SEO packages to find the one that suits your needs the best.

Are add-ons required upfront or can I wait on deciding the ones that I want?

Add-ons are not an immediate requirement and can be added when you wish.

My friend and I are both physiotherapists and wanting to go into business together. Is this possible if we live in the same local area?

Absolutely, no problem at all. Partnerships are a great way to begin a business and are welcomed at Physio123. Our package prices will remain the same regardless of the amount of people involved in the physiotherapy practice.

I recently graduated but have yet to find a job as a physiotherapist. Can I provide home visits and get your PhysioOne package?

Of course! Home visits are actually becoming more popular as we speak. Many individuals fresh out of school begin their very own private practice with exceptional success. It is definitely a great way to get your name out there and get started. It could result in a long-term full-fledge physiotherapy clinic.

Private practice is something I'm interested in but I am concerned about additional insurance that I will need. Can Physio123 be of any help?

Your CSP membership usually provides insurance, which should suffice. However, additional insurance may be a requirement if you run a practice with more than physiotherapists or if you have a partnership.

I've been a customer of Physio123's for about two years now and I am curious if I can upgrade to the PhysioTwo package?

Of course. You can downgrade or upgrade at any time. Be sure to ask about our special discount for our most loyal customers, though.

Is it okay if I change my mind about continuing with the package that I select at Physio123?

It sure is. We don't tie you in with a contract so you can cancel your package at any time with us with no questions asked and no additional charges.

I have more than one clinic but need more clients - can you help me?

Of course! Physio123 specializes in increasing your new patient referrals and generating new business for your already established physiotherapy practice(s). We can design a professional website based on your practice and location and we can then market your website so that you will see results from your online presence. An effective online website can do wonders when it comes to the promotion of your clinic. You will definitely be one step ahead of your competitors.

Private practice is a desire of mine but is it possible for me to just try your service before purchasing to make sure I'm happy with what you offer?

Sure. Physio123 completely understands that many physios would like to take our services for a test drive prior to deciding on a particular package. Therefore, we offer our PhysioOne package free of charge for 6 months.

Can I call Physio123 if I need advice during the assessment of a patient?

We do not offer any clinical advice as we only design, market, and manage online physiotherapy websites.

I'm interested in starting my own physio private practice but I'm concerned that I won't get any patients.

This is a fear that is all too common among individuals interested in starting their own private practice. There is always a risk when you start your own business but physios normally always find success. You will need to work hard and you will need to live in an area that requires physios (in other words not a remote area) then we are confident that your private practice will see success with the help of Physio123.

I've been a customer of yours for about 6 months. I've now decided to travel and work abroad, is it okay to sell my practice?

Of course. We even allow for the new owner to take over your account with no transfer fees.

Consultation, design & development FAQs

How long can I expect it take for my website to be designed?

The duration of the website design will depend a large amount on the Physio package that you choose. We have 3 packages: PhysioOne, PhysioTwo, and PhysioThree; each takes the corresponding amount of weeks - one, two, and three weeks respectively. If you desire any changes as well as the specifics within the chosen package, the duration of the design process could vary.

Can I write my website's content?

Of course, after all, it is your website. You will need to fill out our customer requirements form, which we will forward to our design team so they understand the requirements of constructing your website. You can create as many pages as you wish, the type of content, as well as any add-ons that you should need. In addition, we encourage your input for logo designs, colour schemes, as well as any other relevant information. The more we have from you, the better your website is going to be.

Can pictures of my clinic and staff be included?

Of course. Send us the pictures that you would like to add to your website and fill out the proper section on the customer requirements form.

I currently have a logo for my practice, can I use it?

Absolutely. If you changed your logo after already being an established and known physio clinic, you could lose a lot of business - if not all of it. We can help you edit or improve your existing logo if you wish or we can just leave it exactly the same if you are 100% happy with it.

I saw a website the other day that I like; can you design a similar website for me?

Absolutely. We actually prefer it if you would show us a website that you like so that our design teams has an idea of what you like.

I'm not too fond of the colours that your team has selected, can we change them?

Of course. The custom requirements form has a section that asks about the colour schemes so that you can have your input early on. However, if you are unhappy with the colour scheme we have chosen, we are more than happy to change it during the design process until you are 100% happy with the colours chosen.

Why do you require personal contact information?

This is just in case our design team has any questions or concerns related to your website.

What happens if I move my clinic, my contact details change, or if other information changes?

All of these things can changed at any time free of charge.

I am now certified to provide acupuncture service and I want to make it a service available to my patients. Can an acupuncture page be added to my current website?

Absolutely. If we are still in the design process, the page will be free of charge provided that it is within your page allowance as discussed. If the design process has been completed, each additional page is $40 . We will ensure that the page is fully functional with the rest of your website.

Will Physio123 display any type of advertisements on my website?

Absolutely not. Physio123 provides a premium service and we will not now or ever display any type of advertisements on your website.

Can I have two domain names: a .co.nz and a .com?

Of course. Starting at $40 per year, you can get additional domains.

Can I expect my website to be available 24/7, 365 days of the year?

Yes. Your website will be hosted on dedicated New Zealand based web servers.

Promoting, Marketing and SEO FAQs

How long will it take for me to see results from Physio123's marketing campaign?

We offer two different marketing strategies. The first will see immediate benefits since it is more of a short-term strategy while the second will provide results over time since it is seen as a long-term strategy. Therefore, by using both of these together, you can reap immediate benefits and see immediate results that will only improve over time.

Can Physio123 do the marketing for me?

Yes, we will take care of all the online marketing so that you don't have to worry about it.

I have a website and am happy with the design; can you just help the promotion of it?

Yes. In addition to designing websites, Physio123 specializes in the marketing of websites, which will achieve the highest ranking in search engines. Take a look at our SEO packages for more information.

How does search engine marketing generate more business for my practice?

The purpose of search engine marketing is primarily to get targeted traffic to your website. The more people that visit your website, the more likely it is that your practice will generate new patients.

Consider the facts below:
  • In the UK in 2009, there was an average of just over 300,000 each month for physiotherapy.
  • With the popularity of the internet, most individuals seeking a private practice for physiotherapy turn to the World Wide Web.
  • The more people that visit your website, the higher chance that you'll acquire new patients. Simple as that.
Since the internet is a custom today, everyone uses it to solve their problems. This is why it is important for your private practice to be at the top of the search engine results when individuals search for physiotherapy related terms. This allows you to solve their problems instead of your competitors.

Does search engine marketing really generate more business for private physiotherapy clinics?

Yes. Search engine marketing uses terms relevant to your practice. When these terms are searched for, your practice will come up and generate new patients; however, without the use of search engine marketing, you are actually losing patients to the competition that is online.

What is the distinction between the Adwords package and the SEO package?

They are two separate online marketing techniques that Physio123 uses in order to generate new business for your physio practice.

SEO package:
Our SEO package will allow you to reap long-term benefits. You will generate traffic to your website via natural search results. In other words, over time, more people searching for physios in your area will find your website thus you acquire new patients.

Adwords package:
Adwords will allow you to reap short-term and immediate benefits. When done correctly, an Adwords campaign will provide you with immediate results and new patients. If you aren't already familiar, Adwords are the small ads that are on the top and right side column of the search engine results page. We will acquire relevant keywords for your practice and when your ad is clicked on and directed to your website, we have a certain pre-determined amount that we pay Google. provide immediate results for physiotherapy practices.

SEO or Adwords?
Each has their own benefits and both help each other when done appropriately allowing the generation of new patients to your practice now and forever.

Why should I consider SEO for my website?

You want your practice to reach the top of the search engine results and SEO makes that happen. Therefore, your website will come up when an internet user searches for:
  • Your physio practice
  • Keywords related to your practice (such as physiotherapist in your area)
  • Keywords related to the services you offer (such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and massage)
  • Keywords related to problems that you solve/help (such as back pain, knee pain)
Natural, or organic, search results tend to be what people look at more than the adverts according to Google studies. You can see below where it is that individuals tend to look more.

SEO has a fixed cost. There is a setup fee as well as monthly fee. The costs will never change no matter how many visitors you are getting whether it is 1, 100, or 10,000. The cost will remain the same at all times.

If your website has been properly optimised then your website will begin ranking higher on the search engines for physiotherapy and other related keyword searches in your local area. Your website will become well established and your competitors will find it difficult to actually compete with you online. In addition, your website will begin generating more and more traffic thus generating new patients for your practice.

Why should I consider having an Adwords campaign?

Here are five direct reasons that you should consider having an Adwords campaign:
  • Adwords online marketing campaigns generate immediate results.
  • When someone in your area searches a broad term like physiotherapy, your website advert will appear.
  • Advertising phrases can be created for specific search phrases. For example, if someone searches for a "physio for knee pain in London" then the advert that you may display would be "Physio helps knee pain - Treatment in London."
  • With an online marketing Adwords campaign that is well managed, it is nearly a guarantee that your adverts will appear.
  • You can choose to only display your ads to searches made within a local radius of your practice. This puts a limit to the finances that you are outlaying.

Why should Physio123 be my top choice to manage my SEO and/or Adwords online marketing campaign?

Just as with our design and marketing services, there are several reasons why Physio123 should be your choice for online search marketing needs:
  • Our success is your success - Since we don't tie you in with a contract, in order to keep your business we must continue to generate new patients and patient referrals for your physio practice.
  • With our extensive knowledge and experience in marketing physiotherapy clinics, we know what works the best.
  • We have very in-depth knowledge of the physio practice market as well as search engine marketing thus we can provide the best results for your private practice.
  • Physio123 will not only save you time but money as well. Compared to other internet marketing services, our prices are very competitive.
  • We will also generate you profits. Our internet marketing services will affect the business that your website will generate - in a good way, of course.
For even more reasons to choose Physio123 for your internet marketing service, please click here.

When should I expect to see an improvement in my website's ranking from the SEO package?

It can take anywhere from about two to 12 weeks for your natural listing to appear and to improve. Your ranking and results will only continue to improve over time.

What will my advertisements say?

We have a lot of experience in the creation of ads for physio practices so we know what it takes to get the ads to convert the highest amount of visitors into patients for your physio practice.

Why do I have to pay a monthly fee?

For Physio123's SEO packages, the monthly fee simply pays for the Adwords budget, our SEO campaign, as well as the continuous management of your Adwords and/or SEO marketing campaigns.

For Physio123's website packages, the monthly fee simply pays for your domain name, e-mail accounts, hosting, budget for your Adwords marketing campaign, ongoing SEO (search engine optimisation), maintenance as well as support.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We don't make you sign a contract. If you are unsatisfied with the services that we provide, you can simply cancel the service at any time with no charge accessed. We are sure that you'll be happy with our services if you allow us to market your physio practice due to the amount of new patients that you will acquire, which will increase from one month to the next.

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